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    Manufacturing & Engineering

Focus Point

전세계적인 밸브,피팅, 게이지,튜빙을 비롯한 유체 시스템 제품을
제조, 유통, 판매, 교육 하는 기업이다.
테크놀로지를 강력하게 어필하는 방법으로 실버 스틸 소재와 블루톤을 적극적 활용했으며, 앰블램의 형상도 공간 포인트 요소로 적절히 활용하여 디자인하였다.

Fluid system products including global valves, fittings, gauges and tubing
It is a company that manufactures, distributes, sells, and trains.
Silver steel materials and blue tones were actively used as a way to strongly appeal technology, and the shape of the amp was also designed by appropriately utilizing them as spatial point elements.