Project Summary

  • Client:

    The Mill Korea

  • Year Completed:


  • Industry:

    Ads & Entertainment

The Mill Korea Headquarter Buildout Project

The Mill, a renowned global creative agency, has expanded its footprint to South Korea, marking its first foray into the country after establishing successful offices in the United States, Europe, Asia, and other regions. The Korean branch of The Mill is meticulously crafted, seamlessly integrating the agency's distinctive artistic prowess with locally nuanced characteristics.

In a nod to Korean aesthetics, the design of the Korean office embraces the iconic tiled roof patterns, a symbol deeply rooted in the country's architectural heritage. This deliberate incorporation of a prominent Korean design element not only pays homage to the cultural context but also imbues the office with a distinct identity that resonates uniquely within the local landscape. The synthesis of global creativity and indigenous influences defines The Mill's innovative approach as it sets its roots in the dynamic creative landscape of Korea.