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    Retail & Hospitality

Focus Point

Idus stands as the foremost operator of the country's largest handmade marketplace, fostering a sustainable ecosystem for visionary creators crafting 'one-of-a-kind' items. In our proposal, we envisioned an office meticulously tailored to Idus, with the primary goal of discovering raw artistic expressions and instilling novel perspectives and values. Our design departed from the conventional norms of a standard office environment, offering a workspace that is distinctly Ideus, accentuating the essence of 'one-of-a-kind' ideas.

Drawing inspiration from Ideus' unique and unconventional layout, our approach intentionally facilitated interactions among employees, strategically creating focal points for collaboration. This deliberate design choice resulted in the organic formation of a townhall, where spontaneous connections and idea exchanges could flourish seamlessly within the Ideus workspace.