Project Summary

  • Client:

    Yuanta Securities Korea

  • Year Completed:


  • Industry:

    Financial / Investments

Yuanta Securities GWN Banpo Centre

The project undertaken by Yuanta Securities GWM Banpo Center, located in the Won Baily Commercial Complex in Seocho-gu, takes into consideration the geographical characteristics and demographics of the area. Seocho-gu is renowned for its upscale residential areas, and the Won Baily Commercial Complex is known for its dense commercial facilities. This area attracts numerous generations and high-net-worth individuals, making it a focal point of interest for the financial industry.

The primary goals of the project conducted by Yuanta Securities GWM Banpo Center in this area are outlined as securing existing clients and attracting young customers. This strategic approach aims to retain the current high-net-worth clientele while expanding financial services by appealing to a younger demographic.

The project is expected to employ diverse marketing and promotional strategies tailored to achieve its objectives within the local context. This includes offering customized financial products and services for high-net-worth individuals and implementing digital marketing and social media strategies to attract a younger audience.

In terms of layout and design plan, Yuanta Securities GWM Banpo Center seeks to harmonize trustworthiness and trendiness, emphasizing a customer-centric lounge and efficient entry pathways. These design elements are anticipated to enhance customer experience and contribute to efficiency in delivering financial services.

Key Focus Points :

1. Harmonizing Trustworthiness and Trendiness: To enhance the trust associated with UBS Securities, the interior design and lighting will exude sophistication while maintaining a trendy atmosphere through consistent upgrades. The goal is to provide customers with a sense of stability in a modern and refined setting.

2. Consideration of Entry Pathways: Designing the entrance and key pathways with consideration for easy customer access and navigation is crucial. Utilizing signage and visual guidance systems to facilitate easy direction finding for customers is particularly effective.

3. Customer-Centric Lounge: The lounge is designed to be a space where customers can relax, engage in conversations, and receive financial consultations. Creating a comfortable and friendly atmosphere encourages customers to use the space not only for financial services but also as a comfortable environment.

4. Integration of Latest Technology: Incorporating digitalization and modern technology to simplify and enhance transaction and consultation processes is essential. Introducing the latest technology to facilitate customer use through smart devices is a crucial aspect of the design.

These layout and design considerations aim to create a positive first impression for customers, offering a comfortable and efficient service experience. Ultimately, these efforts support UBS Securities GWM Banpo Center in achieving its goals of retaining existing clients and attracting a younger customer base.