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    Law Firm LOGOS

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Law Firm LOGOS Office Renovation Project

The new office for the law firm Logos sought to overcome the constraints of conventional legal workspaces through an innovative approach. The proposal aimed to optimize the layout by minimizing the size of individual attorney offices, allowing for the expansion of shared spaces. This strategic adjustment not only resulted in a more spacious and inviting atmosphere but also introduced a fresh and impressive dimension to the office environment. Special attention was dedicated to the design of a reception and lounge area, envisioned as impactful spaces that would serve as the public face of the company during client interactions.

The key focal point of the project lay in the zoning plan, where meticulous attention was given to creating a well-defined separation of spaces. This zoning strategy was particularly crucial in establishing private back offices, ensuring a balance between collaborative areas and secluded, focused workspaces within the new office layout.