Project Summary

  • Client:

    VOLVO Group Korea

  • Year Completed:


  • Industry:

    Manufacturing & Engineering

VOLVO Group Korea A.B.W Buildout Project

Headquartered in Sweden, the VOLVO Group, a global brand, reflects the value of sustainability and innovation as it explores the future work environment. The VOLVO Group fosters a collaborative work culture as a community and is committed to creating a symbolic work environment based on the company's values. To achieve this, the company aims to fulfill its goals through various value-centric approaches.

Focus Points:

1. Mobility & Movement: This value emphasizes flexibility and movement in the work environment. Employees experience an environment where they can move freely, whether during work or rest, focusing on enhancing mobility and fostering creativity.

2. Balance & Connectivity: Balance and connectivity highlight a harmonious work environment and camaraderie among employees. Employees can maintain a balance between work and personal life while finding spaces to connect and communicate with colleagues.

3. Live & Future: This value provides an environment that seamlessly connects the vision for the future with the current way of life. The goal is to embrace technological advancements and innovations while ensuring that the necessary elements for living are present.

A.B.W Solutions :

The VOLVO Group is planning new office spaces tailored to work styles to sustainably create a work environment. The emphasis is on creating lounge spaces that promote communication among employees and developing smart offices tailored to the nature of the work. This effort is part of creating an environment where employees can effectively collaborate and share creative ideas.