Project Summary

  • Client:

    Hyundai Autoever

  • Year Completed:


  • Industry:

    IT Technology

Focus Point

Hyundai AutoEver is where ICT Professionals from Hyundai Motor Group work.
As the paradigm for Mobility industry are constantly changing,
Just as the mobility industry paradigm is changing, we aimed to propse an 'INNOVATIVE WORKING CONDITION' by focusing on making some changes in their work enviornment.
Designed for a vibrant office space with an emphasis on their energetic spirit and advanced technology.

현대차 그룹의 ICT전문 인력이 근무하는곳이다.
모빌리티 산업의 패러다임이 변화하는것처럼,업무환경 변화의 포인트에 초점을 두어, INNOVATIVE WORKING CONDITION을 컨셉으로 제안
에너제틱하며 테크놀로지한 부분을 강조하며, 활기찬 업무 환경으로 디자인.