Project Summary

  • Client:

    Genie Music

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  • Industry:

    IT Technology

Genie Music Headquarters Relocation Project , Activity-Based Working Office Enviornment

Genie Music, a dynamic player in the music industry, has expanded its business horizon beyond traditional music content to embrace online performances and broadcasting platforms. The company, with its multifaceted involvement in investment and distribution, is unequivocally dedicated to bringing joy to people's lives. In line with its progressive growth, Genie Music embarked on a mission to create an innovative office environment in the spirit of A.B.W (Activity-Based Working), aligning with its evolving business strategies.

The objective was not just an office relocation but to introduce an enriched working space that promotes employee well-being and happiness. The focal point of this transformation is the Genie Lounge, a vibrant central hub designed with a lively palette of colors to breathe life into the daily work routines of the staff.

Each floor of the new headquarters is meticulously planned with unique concepts, color schemes, and diverse desk arrangements. This intentional design approach is aimed at fostering a concept-based A.B.W (Smart Office) environment. The functionality is strategically divided by floor, department, and team, ensuring a seamless workflow that caters to varied work styles.

Taking a personalized approach, Genie Music selected colors that resonate with the preferences and work dynamics of each floor and organizational unit. This thoughtful integration of colors not only aligns with the company's distinctive identity but also injects the spirited essence of Genie into every corner of the workspace, creating an invigorating and dynamic office environment that resonates with the company's innovative ethos.