Project Summary

  • Client:

    Agilent Technologies

  • Year Completed:


  • Industry:

    IT Technology

Focus Point

우수한 인재 확보 더 고도화 된 업무환경을 위해 강남대로로 오피스를 이전하였다.
더욱 스마트한 환경,유연근무를 할 수 있는 NOMAD OFFICE를 구현하였으며
기술력을 보여줄 수 있는 장비 쇼룸 및 연구소를 통합하여 ONE STOP OFFICE를 구현하였다.

The office was relocated to Gangnam-daero to secure excellent human resources for a more advanced work environment.
NOMAD OFFICE has been implemented to provide a smarter environment and flexible work
ONE STOP OFFICE was implemented by integrating equipment showrooms and research institutes that can show technical skills.