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    IT Technology

Focus Point

텐센트만의 강렬한 기업색상과 상징 캐릭터만으로도 공간의 힘을 주기에는 충분했다.
Main컬러는 텐센트의 아이덴티티 컬러인 강렬한 Blue로 가져가면서, 보색인 yellow tone컬러를 적절히 믹스하여, 공간에 임팩트를 주었으며, 상승의 line을 활용하여 공간의 긴장감을 함께 표현하였다.

By utilizing Tencent's corporate identity color and symbolic character, it was enough to give such a powerful impact to the space.
The main color was taken from Tencent's identity color, Blue, and Purple was appropriately mixed to give more impact to the space, and the tension of the space was expressed together using the rising line.